Affycon ApS was established in 2015 as a spin-off company from Center for DNA Nanotechnology at Aarhus University, Denmark.

The aim of Affycon is to develop and produce chemicals, methods, know-how and patent rights to conjugate molecules and biomolecules to proteins by affinity conjugation and commercializing these rights through its own activities or by making licensing agreements with business partners.

The company holds a patent for site selective conjugation of DNA and small molecules to proteins containing a metal binding site (WO2016005474-A1) and we have published a series of scientific articles on this topic.

We will soon start our production and expect to sell the first products in the Spring of 2017. These products will include a kit for conjugation of DNA to metal binding proteins and a single reagent for covalent conjugation of an azide handle to metal-binding proteins.